A Civil Complaint Has Been Filed Against Variety Show “I Live Alone”

This follows their prank on Kian84.

Previously, it was reported that the variety show, I Live Alone, had been under massive fire for pranking one of the panelists, Kian84. Although the cast had been promised to arrive for his send-off trip to the countryside, only MC Jun Hyun Moo had shown up on behalf of the other members. This had resulted in Kian84’s huge disappointment.

Netizens showed much criticism and displeasure towards MBC for the “mean-spirited” prank that “crossed the line.” Following a news investigation by Star News on August 17, it was found that a civil complaint had been filed against the show. After the complaint is reviewed by the board, suitable action will be decided upon.

The related I Live Alone clips for the said episode were removed from YouTube and other video-streaming platforms. Neither the production nor the casts have spoken about the situation with Kian84—but the concerns continue to grow and viewers demand an official apology from the production and cast be offered to Kian84.

Source: Star News