CJ E&M drops teaser to their 25 billion won boy idol group project, “Boys24”

Another teaser for CJ E&M‘s biggest investment into a boy idol group project “Boys24” has been published as they draw anticipation for the premiere airing.

Currently, the Boys24 project is gathering its participants which began accepting applicants on January 18th and will end on February 19th. Through these auditions, 24 talented males will be chosen and will receive training from the best in the field while appearing on the show at the same time.

They are set to perform each week for a year at a specially constructed stage, and from there, the top trainees will be given the chance to debut together as a team.

Check out the short teaser below:

250억 초대형 K-POP 프로젝트 소년24!해외에서도 지원할 수 있는 mwave의 글로벌 지원 페이지를 통해그 위대한 여정에 함께해주세요: )CJ E&M's 25 Billion WonIdol Debut ProjectBoys24!◆ Audition Period: Until February 19, 2016 (Friday)◆ Where to Audition: http://mwave.interest.me/audition/boys24/The 24 male idol hopefuls selected through the auditions will receive training from the best trainers in the fieldand have the opportunity to appear on a TV show on Korea's best music channel!They will also perform live at an exclusive 'Boys24 Theater'And the top ranking boys will have the opportunity to make a major debut!Boys, the Great Journey Awaits! CJ E&Mが250億ウォンを投資するアイドルデビュープロジェクト少年24!◆ オーディション申し込み期間 : 2016年2月19日(金)まで◆ オーディション申し込み: http://mwave.interest.me/audition/boys24/オーディションを経て最終的に選ばれた男子アイドル24名のメンバーたちは各分野最高のトレーナーと一緒に体系的なトレーニングを通じて、国内最高の音楽チャンネルでのレギュラーTV番組出演!「少年24専用館」で常設ライブ公演及び活動!上位優秀者にはメージャーデビューのチャンスまで!偉大な旅程に参加する大志ある少年たちをお待ちしております。CJ E&M 投资250亿元的偶像出道企划少年24!◆ 报名期间: ~2016年 2月 19日(周五)◆ 报名申请: http://mwave.interest.me/audition/boys24/通过选秀会和专门训练选出最终的24名成员向各领域最佳的教练学习系统性训练出演韩国一流音乐节目的固定电视节目!在‘少年24’专用馆参与现场演出和活动!给予优秀成员正式出道的机会!我们等待一起展开伟大旅程的野心少年们CJ E&M 投資250億元的偶像出道企劃少年24! ◆ 報名期間: ~2016年 2月 19日(周五)◆ 報名申請: http://mwave.interest.me/audition/boys24/ 透過選秀會和專門訓練選出最終的24名成員向各領域最佳的教練學習系統性訓練出演韓國一流音樂節目的固定電視節目!在‘少年24’專用館參與現場演出和活動!給予優秀成員正式出道的機會!我們等待一起展開偉大旅程的野心少年們

Posted by IN2IT 인투잇 on Tuesday, February 2, 2016