Clara Lee makes her first televised appearance on “The Its Know”

Actress and model Clara Lee made a shocking confession through SBS show The Its Know.

On the episode CEO’s Shadow Game – A Secret Chamber with an Actress broadcasted on April 25th, Clara Lee made her appearance in the public for the first time in many months. She did not speak much, yet, stated, “It’s difficult to say with my own mouth that I was recommended to be a lobbyist. I am afraid to be associated with that person. I can’t even go out now. If this association continues, my father and I will be too scared to even live in Korea.”

Clara Lee’s acquaintance mentioned, “CEO Lee recommended Clara to become a lobbyist instead of a celebrity for multiple occasions. Reportedly, he told Clara that he wants to make her a lobbyist because she’s good in English as well.”

An affiliate of The Defense Industry revealed, “CEO Lee Gyu Tae is a financial backer. A financial resource cannot die. CEO Lee is the honey bee who brings home the money. We call those people the honeybee (HB) and call their boss honeybeebee (HBB). They are scarier than mafias.”

End of last year on December 23rd, Clara Lee filed a lawsuit against CEO Lee and Polaris Entertainment in order to nullify her contract with the agency. In the filed case, it accused CEO Lee to have sexually mortified her as well. In response, the agency submitted a lawsuit against Clara Lee and her father for being guilty of blackmailing.

Meanwhile, Clara vs. Polaris Entertainment’s case has been decided to hold their first court appeal on April 29th.

Source: Ilgan Sports