Clara releases shocking audio files of Polaris Entertainment CEO threatening to ruin her

Actress and model Clara has released audio files of conversations between her and Polaris Entertainment‘s CEO as their dispute over her contract continues. 

On March 17th, news media Channel A reported on Clara’s audio recordings, which revealed CEO Lee Kyu Tae threatening the actress. The transcript read:

Lee Kyu Tae: I am a person that learned the techniques, and was in the Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA). If I get mad then, what could you possibly get from it? I will spend money to ruin you, do you know my power?
Lee Kyu Tae: If anyone tries to fight me do you think I would lose? What do you have to gain by angering me?
Lee Kyu Tae: Why are you being so stupid?
Clara: I know
Lee Kyu Tae: No, you don’t know. Do you know what I am capable of?
Lee Kyu Tae: I blocked XX and XX broadcast you know right? After that, they lost everything. I’m talking about that. You have no idea what I can do if I put my mind to it.
Lee Kyu Tae: You really don’t know who I am. If you do anything or do anything via SNS even if it’s through your other phones I can find out.

The police have acknowledged the recordings and Lee Kyu Tae’s alleged threats towards her on March 16th. Currently Lee Kyu Tae is being detained after being arrested on suspicions of corruption by the prosecution.

Clara has filed a lawsuit to cancel her exclusive contract with Polaris, claiming she was sexually harassed by the CEO. Soon after, Polaris then filed their own counter lawsuit against Clara and her father. This resulted in a series of messages exchanged between the two parties to be released publicly as onlookers tries to determine who is in the right and wrong.

Source: The Fact

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