Clara states Polaris CEO made her uncomfortable with luxurious gifts of five-star hotels and purses

Regardless of the constant backlashes she’s received from the controversies with her former CEO of Polaris Entertainment, Clara continues to claim that he treated her like a woman rather than a family member of his agency.

On May 20th, Channel A News reported that Clara was recently called into the Seoul Prosecutor’s Office on the 13th as part of the accused party in the lawsuits concerning herself and Polaris CEO Lee Kyu Tae over contract nullification issues and sexual harassment charges.

During her investigation on this day, the actress claimed to the lead prosecutors that CEO Lee had treated her like a woman rather than a family member or artist under his agency. She stated that CEO Lee’s behavior had put too much burden on her shoulders and made her feel extremely uncomfortable with all the luxury treatments such as five-star hotel restaurant meals and gifts including Italian brand name purses from Hermes.

A representative of CEO Lee, however, responded to this claim saying, “Clara is lying her way out to avoid paying the one billion Korean Won (approximately $912,990 million USD) fee for breaching her contract. Also, regarding the Hermes purse, all other Polaris artists and celebrities received one as well.

The actress also claimed that CEO Lee had followed her into the restrooms at one of the five-star business hotels he had taken her to. Clara insisted that Lee Kyu Tae’s behavior was what lead to her father aiding her in filing for a contract nullification from Polaris Entertainment.

In the latter half of 2014, Polaris Entertainment filed a lawsuit against Clara for running individual activities under a new agency founded by her own father, Koreana Clara, in which the actress countersued for an invalidation of contract. However, as complications arose, the actress filed for another lawsuit of sexual harassment against the president of the agency.

Source: Xports News and Channel A