Here’s A Closer Look At Director Jungkook’s Genius Captured In The “Life Goes On” MV

Congrats to Jungkook for his director debut!

BTS recently released their new album BE along with their music video for “Life Goes On.” The boys have actively participated in the making of the entire album and have also shared the process with fans.

The members held numerous live streams through YouTube to share with fans how they discuss and work together when creating an album. From their past live streams, we learned that they were leaning towards a more simple and natural approach for the concept. They also stated that they wanted to film in their dorms as it could be something fun for both them and the fans.

All their opinions were gathered together and director Jungkook used these ideas to create a music video that expressed their feelings during the pandemic.

Let’s take a look at some of the scenes from the music video.

One day the world stopped
Without any warning
Spring didn’t know to wait
Showed up not even a minute late

For the opening scene of the video, Jungkook is seen looking out the window. Jungkook explained, “I tried to portray not being able to go outside. You can actually physically go out, but you can’t.”

This cold the world gave to me
Prompts me to press the dust-covered rewind

In RM’s rap verse, he is seen wiping the dust from his bike. Jungkook commented, “I put this scene in because I know that you like riding your bike.” After hearing this, RM was truly touched.

It looks like Jungkook, who knew that RM shared his daily life of riding his bike with fans, used this scene as a way to express not being able to go outside.

The day will come back around
As if nothing happened
Yeah life goes on

The music video continue to portray all the ideas the members had for this video like chilling in their dorms…

…and being outdoors…

…as well as some GCF (Golden Closet Film) vibes of course!

Close your eyes for a moment
Hold my hand
To that future, let’s run away

The scene where Jin closes his eyes before moving to the next scene is an important one. J-Hope commented, “This part is where our director Jungkook focused the most on.” Jungkook replied, “It’s because this scene where it jumps to the stage is a very important scene.”

Jungkook revealed that this concert scene was filmed after their online concert that they held in October. “We re-set the entire stage after our online concert to film this scene. I felt that if we just used our past concert footage for this scene it wouldn’t feel true. Actually not true, it just wouldn’t fit the overall vibe of this song.”

In regards to being the director for this music video, Jungkook felt quite embarrassed yet happy.

I am too embarrassed to call myself a director. I was given this role because I like to shoot videos. I tried my best to film this video and when I listened to this song, I felt that reality and sincerity were the most important parts.

⁠— Jungkook


Using those key words I talked to the directors and the staff. I also asked the members what they thought about this as we wanted to portray the emotions we had due to COVID-19 such as canceling our tour and not being able to see our fans. I wanted to express the longing and sadness we felt then.

⁠— Jungkook

Fans of BTS were truly grateful for this music video and for the message it gave to the world. This music video and album embodies who BTS are and what they are feeling during the current times and it is truly the best present for the fans.

Source: theqoo