CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa Posts Heartfelt Message Ahead Of Group’s Comeback

They are coming back!

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa left a message on his personal Twitter account ahead of the group’s comeback. He revealed, “I want to express my honest thoughts about re-signing with the company and starting new promotions ahead of our first comeback in 3 years and 8 months.”

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Jung has completed re-signing with FNC Entertainment and has agreed with members Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin to continue as CNBLUE. They have been promoting together for ten years and they plan to continue to stay that way.

But this was not an easy decision for them. “There have many things going on. As the leader, there were many things that I could not say or act upon easily. I had a sad and heavy heart.”

He continued to think about these things for a year before making the decision. “I felt that it was the best to protect our name CNBLUE and share good music to our fans. Although we are still lacking, we will try to start up again with a new mindset.”

He also made sure to thank the fans for their never-ending support. “We are always thankful and sorry to our fans that, even more than us, have hurt and worried about us.”

They plan to never stop making music regardless of what circumstances or situations lie ahead.

Below is the full statement released by Jung Yong Hwa.

Hello everyone this is Jung Yong Hwa. It’s been awhile BOICE. With our first comeback in three months and eight years, I want to express my honest thoughts regarding renewing our contracts and new promotions. With so many things that have happened, there were many things that I could not talk about or act upon and had a sad and heavy heart as the leader of the group. There was just too much pressure and responsibility for me to say everything that was on my mind. I continued to think about and debate with the members, our company, and friends and come to the decision to protect CNBLUE and continue to release good music for our fans. We might be lacking, but we have decided to push forward with a new heart and mind.

⁠— Jung Yong Hwa

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We are truly thankful and sorry to our fans that have hurt and worried even more than us about everything. We hope that a day will come where we can openly talk about the things that we’ve had on our minds. Thanks to BOICE for always waiting for us even though you might have been annoyed or curious about everything. We will bring happy moments to everyone through our new promotions. In order to repay our fans, we will continue to make music no matter the situation or circumstance. BOICE, you guys are our biggest strength. We promise to always show our best to everyone.

⁠— Jung Yong Hwa

Stay tuned for CNBLUE’s long-awaited comeback!

Source: dispatch