Coldplay’s Chris Martin Couldn’t Help But Fall In Love With BTS V’s Vocals In “My Universe,” And It Seems Like Neither Could Courteney Cox

We can’t blame them!

When it comes to unique voices in K-Pop, one person that is always talked about is BTS‘s V. With his deep and velvet tone, that many have compared to honey, his voice stands out from the crowd and is immediately recognizable.

Yet, it seems as if it isn’t just ARMYs who are mesmerized by his vocals. BTS recently released their collaboration track with Coldplay called “My Universe.” They also treated fans to some behind-the-scenes footage from the recording sessions.

Although ARMYs couldn’t get enough of the interactions between lead singer Chris Martin and the members, one particularly stood out. While V was recording his part, the look of happiness on Chris Martin’s face couldn’t be missed, even when he tried to sing the same part in Korean.

However, it was Chris’s reaction after V finished recording his part that had ARMYs touched. Every time V repeated his line, Chris immediately expressed so many compliments to the idol, including telling V, “Yeah, that was perfect.

Many ARMYs couldn’t stop talking about this moment because of V’s love for Coldplay. In the past, V has been no stranger to sharing just how much he loves and respects the group, so this collaboration would have been a massive thing for him, never mind having Chris compliment him so much!

If it wasn’t enough to have Chris Martin praise V for his vocals, another A-List celebrity seems to have fallen for his charms and tone. The clip of V recording his vocals was shared on Coldplay’s Instagram, which in itself was big because it showed just how much the group loved V’s voice.

Once it was posted, eagle-eyed fans noticed that it wasn’t just Coldplay and ARMYs who seemed to love V’s voice. Many saw that a familiar name liked the post, and it was none other than Friends actress and worldwide superstar Courteney Cox!

It once again shows just how special and talented V is. Wherever he goes, fans, artists, and celebrities can’t help but fall in love with his voice, and it’s impossible to blame them!

You can watch the whole video below.