The Crazy Combination Of Visuals From The Star-Studded K-Drama Cast Of “Youth MT” Is Truly Legendary

It is literally a dream come true for K-Drama fans… so many visuals in one place!

What would happen if you took some of the hottest and most popular actors and actresses in the Korean Entertainment industry together and made them compete against each other?

Well, the idea seems almost impossible, but TVING has made it possible after revealing their newest show Youth MT.

The cast of “Youth MT” | TVING

From the minute TVING started announcing the cast, it was clear that it was going to be a truly legendary show. Along with the likes of Park Seo Joon, Park Bo Gum, and Ji Chang Wook, there were also the likes of Hwang In YeopJi Hye Won, Kwon Nara, and many more.

According to the teasers, the cast would be split into teams with veteran team captains. Even before the show started, the teams boasted so much charisma and visuals.

The “Love In The Moonlight” team

“Sound Of Magic” Team

“Itaewon Class” team

On September 9, the first episodes aired for fans worldwide.

The captains of the teams (Park Seo Joon representing Itaewon Class, Park Bo Gum representing Love In The Moonlight, and Ji Chang Wook representing The Sound of Magic) already boasted amazing visuals.

Park Bo Gum

Park Seo Joon

Ji Chang Wook

With so much experience between the three actors, their visuals continued to shine throughout the show, combining it with their charisma and charm.



Yet, it wasn’t just the captains who caught the attention of fans. Despite being 31 years old, Hwang In Yeop (known for True Beauty) shocked fans with his youthful visuals throughout the episode.

His friendship with costar Choi Sung Eun also melted netizens’ hearts as the visual duo looked like true visuals, even in the rain and wearing a raincoat.


No matter which team it was, it seemed like the show constantly showcased the best side of all the actors involved in the show. It seemed like TVING had not held back with their budget and made sure to cast some of the best-looking and charismatic people in the industry.



There was even a cameo from Itaewon Class lead actress Kim Da Mi who spoke to her costars.


It wasn’t even just the actors that gained attention. Many ATINYs couldn’t hide their excitement after hearing ATEEZ‘s youngest member Jongho singing the OST for the show.

Even though the show has just started, it already seems to be stealing the hearts of netizens. The visuals alone in the show are nothing to joke about but seeing interactions between the hottest stars in the K-Drama industry is definitely something netizens could only dream of.

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