Comedian Lee Se Young Shocks With Her “Effective” Dieting Food That Guarantees Weight Loss

“If you eat only this for one week…”

Comedian Lee Se Young has slowly been shifting her image from a funny entertainer to that of a fitness guru — and we love seeing her hustle. While she has always been on the slim side, she previously made headlines for her insane fitness transformation. Lee Se Young went from being a slim and petite woman, to a fit and toned fitness queen.

Comedian Lee Se Young | @seyoung_1408/Instagram

Her Instagram feed has slowly been taken over with exercise,

| @seyoung_1408/Instagram

Body transformation, body profile photos, and other fitness-related content. And as Lee Se Young shows off the different foods she eats to maintain her figure, it was one particular item on her story that has been making headlines.

| @seyoung_1408/Instagram

Lee Se Young uploaded this photo of an unknown mixture of food with the shocking caption:

| @seyoung_1408/Instagram

If you eat only this for one week, you can lose 3 kilograms (7 pounds).

— Lee Se Young @seyoung_1408/Instagram

Upon further investigation, the food in question was found out to be a mixture of tofu, eggs, and oatmeal. And while this combination is high in protein, the amount of food and the shocking weight loss guarantee took everyone by surprise.

However, the comedian recently took home the second place trophy after competing in a bikini competition, which may be why she put herself on such an intense dieting regime.

| @seyoung_1408/Instagram

We’ve heard the different stories of the crazy diets and foods that stars have used to lose weight, but this one might take the cake.

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