Comedian Lee Se Young Updates Viewers On The Results Of Her Eyelids After Surgery

Netizens want the name of her plastic surgeon!

Comedian Lee Se Young made headlines earlier this week when it was revealed that she went through with her double eyelid surgery. She shared that she came to this decision after years of being targeted with malicious comments about her looks. Well, the comedian is back with an update on her eyelids and netizens are loving the results!

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On January 6th, Lee Se Young took to her personal YouTube channel, YPTV to update all her viewers on her double eyelid surgery. Many of her viewers expressed their high anticipation after seeing her last video, where the comedian everyone along with her on the journey before the actual procedure. The video starts off with Lee Se Young and her boyfriend in a taxi, on their way to the doctor’s office. Viewers can see a noticeably different Lee Se Young in the video.

You’ve changed a lot. I changed?

— Lee Se Young and boyfriend

She then admits that she’s still a bit swollen.

I’m still a bit swollen. It went down a lot though.

— Lee Se Young and boyfriend


She then excitedly shares with her viewers where they were going.

Where are we going? Right now, we’re going to get my stitches out yay! Finally. It came a week earlier.

— Lee Se Young and boyfriend

When her boyfriend asked her if she was in pain, the comedian responded that she wasn’t, but she admitted something else which caused a bit of laughter.

Does it hurt? No it doesn’t hurt, but because my eyes got big so suddenly, I’m cold.

— Lee Se Young and boyfriend

After a short clip of her sitting in the doctor’s office, Lee Se Young revealed to all her viewers what her eyelids looked like after the stitches were taken out!

I just took out all the stitches everyone.

— Lee Se Young

She gives her fans a solid fan service by showing off her brand new eyes without her glasses. That way, everyone can see a closer and better look at her results. While she does this, her boyfriend responds in the sweetest way possible.

Wow you look so pretty.

— Lee Se Young’s boyfriend

Netizens are loving the results and have been pouring out their love and support for the comedian in the comment section of her video. Check out what they had to say.

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  • “Wow it’s only been a week and it already looks that natural? That’s fascinating it’ll look so good once all the swelling is gone”
  • “Hul her visuals are going to be insane”
  • “Your image got softer. It turned out so well”
  • “Unnie I was seriously so curious. You’re so pretty”
  • “Wow you’re so pretty. Even when you didn’t do it you were pretty but after you’re so much prettier.
  • “Unnie tell us what plastic surgeon you went to please”


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While we thought Lee Se Young was plenty beautiful before, the comedian seems so much happier with herself after going through with the surgery. We are happy for her! If you want to follow her journey, watch the entire video down below.