Comedian Park Na Rae’s Past Remarks To Shin Dong Yup Resurface In Light Of Her Controversy

She wanted to be just like him.

Comedian Park Na Rae recently came under tremendous scrutiny after making crude sexual jokes and gestures on an online web show. She has since apologized for overstepping the boundaries and has decided to remove herself from the program. In light of the controversy, however, some of Park Na Rae’s past remarks have been making their way back into the headlines.

Comedian Park Na Rae | YTN

Back in 2017, the comedian made an appearance on an episode of tvN‘s Life Bar. The comments she made during her time on the show are coming back into the spotlight for their relation to her recent controversy. During her time on the show, Park Na Rae revealed that she has always wanted to be acknowledged by comedian Shin Dong Yup.

“I want to be acknowledged by Dong Yup sunbae.” | tvN

The comedian further elaborated that Shin Dong Yup has always been a sunbae whom she respected and desired to be like.

“I would look at him and think, wow I want to be just like him.” | tvN

When asked why she felt that way, Park Na Rae shared that it was because of his title as the “R-rated king.”

“I want to be the queen of sexual jokes since he’s the king.” | tvN

Park Na Rae shared with the cast of Life Bar that her wish was to share a drink with Shin Dong Yup, which eventually came true. During her time with her idolized sunbae, Park Na Rae asked him for his advice on some of her jokes to which Shin Dong Yup responded in a shocking way.

“Na Rae, I’m not trashy like you.” | tvN

Shin Dong Yup further shared that Park Na Rae kept asking for his opinion on her jokes, but that they were too “dirty” for him.

“It’s too dirty!” | tvN

Park Na Rae confessed that his reaction made her go into a bit of a shock at the time.

“Honestly, I was a bit shocked at his response.” | tvN

After revisiting her past comments and idolization of Shin Dong Yup, netizens criticized Park Na Rae even more for comparing herself to such a sunbae.

| FM Korea
  • “When she first came out, it was kind of refreshing to see a woman tackle sexual jokes, but if a guy tried to do what Park Na Rae did, his career have ended a long time ago.”
  • “Sexual jokes aren’t always just about ‘sex sex sex.’ The way Dong Yup reels you in once, twice, three times is really funny.”
  • “Shin Dong Yup has a talent. His ability is not something you can work on and try to copy. It won’t work.”
  • “Your visuals have to look a certain way for the sexual jokes to be convincing.”
  • “Honestly, trying to be likable while saying adult jokes is a hard thing…Shin Dong Yup is a rare celebrity who can get away with it.”
  • “Shin Dong Yup = refreshing, Park Na Rae = dirty”
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In the midst of the continued backlash against Park Na Rae, netizens have been asking for her removal from I Live Alone, as well as her other featured shows.

Source: WikiTree and FM Korea