Crayon Pop prepares for a comeback with “Vroom Vroom” MV teaser

Girl group Crayon Pop is finally making a comeback, dropping the video teaser to their upcoming title track “Vroom Vroom.”

Published on September 8th, the teaser begins with the radio playing Crayon Pop’s various hit tracks including “Bar Bar Bar,” “Dancing Queen,” “FM” and more. The van then pulls off to the side, picking someone up before continuing on its way as the audio for the girl group’s new track “Vroom Vroom” plays in the background.

Crayon Pop is not deriving away from its addicting chorus and sound in this upcoming new track, making fans anticipate even more to what type of track they’ll be releasing.

Their upcoming new album will be the first music release in over a year and a half. Look out for the release on September 9th at 12pm KST.

Source: Sports Donga