Crayon Pop prepares special Valentine’s Day event for fans

Crayon Pop presents a giveaway to their fans for a special Valentine’s Day gift on their fan cafe.

As many are celebrating Valentine’s Day in Korea, Crayon Pop gives their fans an opportunity to win a special gift. Since many people enjoy eating chocolates on Valentine’s Day, Crayon Pop has decided to give away a special box of chocolates to lucky fans.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the girls show their enthusiasm for the holiday and hope that couples are enjoying their day. In their video, Crayon Pop dresses in their signature matching outfits while holding up the box of chocolates that they will be giving away.

Crayon Pop’s rules and regulations for their official event can be accessed through their fan cafe.

Meanwhile, Crayon Pop is currently preparing for their comeback which will take place in March. As other groups are also planning to come back in March, Crayon Pop face high stakes of competition in the coming month.