Crush Felt Like He Was Auditioning When He Performed At BTS J-Hope’s Sister’s Wedding

He was singing in front of all of BTS!

Solo artist Crush recently shared that he felt like he was auditioning while performing in front of BTS.

Crush (left) and BTS’s J-Hope (right) | P NATION

Recently, Crush made his comeback after two years with “Rush Hour,” featuring BTS‘s J-Hope. He completed his mandatory military service just last month.

The two seem very close now. They have showcased their chemistry through social media, behind-the-scenes footage, sending each other gifts, etc.

Crush (left) and BTS’s J-Hope (right) | P NATION via Naver

Yet, they weren’t always close friends. In an interview with Jonathan Thona for TheKstarNextDoor, Crush spilled on how he became friendly with J-Hope

The two actually became connected first through J-Hope’s sister, Jung Jiwoo. He had sung at her wedding last May.

Jiwoo | @mejiwoo103/Instagram

In the latest episode of JTBC‘s variety show Men on a Mission (also known as Knowing Bros and Ask Us Anything), Crush guested along with BIBI and Jaejae. He revealed more about his experience performing at Jiwoo’s wedding.

The cast was naturally curious about Crush’s collaborating with J-Hope. So, Sangmin asked Crush if he was jealous of his boss PSY at P NATION for working with Suga on “That That.” Crush, of course, denied it.

Sangmin: Were you jealous after seeing PSY working with Suga?

Crush: No, that has nothing to do with it.

Crush was then asked, “Were you already friends with him before, or did you get to know each other through the album?” Crush explained that he and J-Hope became familiar through Jiwoo again.

We sort of knew each other. I sang at J-Hope’s sister’s wedding. J-Hope had asked me to.

— Crush

He added this time that when he sang at the wedding, he was very aware of all the BTS members present. He confessed that he felt like it was an audition because of their superstar status.

I was singing at the wedding and all of the BTS members were sitting to the side. It kind of felt like I was at an audition because they’re world stars.

— Crush

Crush sang his iconic Goblin OST “Beautiful,” though. So, we know that the audience, including BTS, was probably immensely impressed.

Hodong: What did you sing?

Crush: I sang “Beautiful.”

Crush is a superstar in his own right too!

Read more about Crush and J-Hope’s friendship below.

Crush Spills On How He Became Close To BTS’s J-Hope

Source: Knowingbros