Cube Entertainment Drops Teaser Video For Its New Girl Group: LIGHTSUM

Get ready to stan!

Just a few years after debuting its last girl group, Cube Entertainment has officially announced LIGHTSUM!

Earlier this month, Top Star News noticed that Cube Entertainment had registered a new trademark for LIGHTSUM (spelled “라잇썸” in Hangul) and opened social media accounts under the same name. While the newspaper speculated that it could be for Cube Entertainment’s new girl group, fans weren’t so sure—until now.

| @cube_lightsum/Instagram

Today, in line with investor report speculations from earlier this year, Cube Entertainment dropped the logo for LIGHTSUM, its newest upcoming group.

| @cube_lightsum/Twitter

Designed in a reflective pink font against a pink and orange background similar to TWICE‘s official colors, many say the retro-feel logo is reminiscent of The Powerpuff Girls, which will shortly be rebooting as a live-action series.

| Cartoon Network

Following the logo reveal, Cube Entertainment also released a LIGHTSUM “Official Logo Animation” teaser. Beginning with a box marked “LIGHTSUM” opening, the teaser flashes through a wide range of images—from cat faces to plants growing to pastel-colored shapes falling to the ground.

Announcing the group’s upcoming debut on social media, Cube Entertainment stated, “As a ‘sum’ of bright ‘lights’ to reach everyone around the world, the group aims to deliver hopeful messages and positive energy.” While the description didn’t mention the group’s gender, judging by the color scheme, it seems most likely that LIGHTSUM will be a girl group.

| LIGHTSUM Official YouTube Channel/YouTube

So far, fans of Cube Entertainment groups have expressed mixed reactions to the news. Many are excited that trainees such as Han Chowon, one of the victims of Mnet‘s Produce 48 voting scandal, may finally be making their debut.

| Mnet

Many fans are also excited to see existing Cube Entertainment groups interact with their new juniors.

Others are surprised that Cube Entertainment is announcing a new girl group so soon after (G)I-DLE. Cube Entertainment’s most recently debuted group until now, (G)I-DLE hit the scene in May 2018.

| Cube Entertainment

Some fans of CLC have also expressed disappointment in Cube Entertainment for failing to grow its existing groups. The news of LIGHTSUM’s debut comes just months after Elkie terminated her contract with the company and claimed they had already stopped supporting CLC’s development as a group.

So far, Cube Entertainment is yet to announce LIGHTSUM’s debut date, lineup, or title track name, but more information is expected to drop over the coming weeks.

Source: Cube Entertainment