Cube Entertainment establishes Japanese agency as it ventures into new territory

Cube Entertainment is making their way into Japan as they establish a new subsidiary company.

On September 16th, it was revealed that Cube Entertainment is expanding into Japan and will be establishing “Cube Entertainment Japan” in the country.

Cube has a 100% stake in their Japan company, putting in 961,840,000 won, or $822,084 USD, to form it.

Currently, the Korean agency houses 4MINUTE, BEAST, and BTOB, who have all released Japanese singles. Just this past march, the agency was officially listed under the KOSDAQ.

Previously, these artists have worked with local management and agencies to promote themselves in Japan, therefore, Cube took a smaller profit. With their own local agency, Cube will be able to oversee their own artists’ activities directly and take in a much large profit.

Cube Entertainment Japan is expected to be completed with recruited personnel that has led KARA into popularity in Japan. Additionally, 4MINUTE and CLC are expected to venture into additional activities in Japan through the subsidiary agency.

Cube’s CEO Park Chong Min stated, “Our artists have already been acknowledged in the Japanese market with the success of BEAST and BTOB. We will continue to grow as a global entertainment agency through this Japan subsidiary and will actively pursue a more organized and structured activities in Japan.”

Source: Asia Kyungjae