Cube Entertainment founder personally penned BTOB’s comeback title track, “It’s Okay”

In light of BTOB‘s approaching comeback with their very first studio album since their debut in 2012, more exciting information regarding it has been shared.

Hong Seung Sung, one of the two original founders of BTOB’s agency Cube Entertainment, was revealed to have written the lyrics to the group’s upcoming title track “It’s Okay” for their album Complete.

“It’s Okay” was co-composed by Song Young Jin and Jo Seong Ho with the agency founder as the lyricist. This is quite unusual for an agency representative to take part in their artists’ songs but only goes to further heighten the anticipation for the track as many look forward to listen to the lyrics.

Complete will be released on June 29th at midnight. Audio teasers for the whole album has already been released. Take a peek into “It’s Okay” if you haven’t already below:


Cube Entertainment, initially known as Playcube Inc., was founded in August 2006 by Hong Seung Sung and Shin Jung Hwa. Hong Seung Sun, also known under the name of Simon Hong, and is known to be a former president of JYP Entertainment, thus the constant relation to the bigger Korean agency.

Since its inception, the agency has become the roots of many hit idols in the industry including 4Minute, BEAST, BTOB, G.NA, and most recently, CLC.

Source: X Sports News