Daisy Reveals MLD Denied Her Request To Promote With MOMOLAND and Demanded ₩1 Billion KRW For Contract Termination

Her own agency refused let her promote.

Following the news of Finding MOMOLAND being rigged, which were revealed by MOMOLAND member Daisy herself, Daisy also revealed that her own agency forced her into her extended hiatus and is demanding ₩1.1 billion KRW from her for her contract termination.

Daisy Reveals “Finding MOMOLAND” Was Rigged, Members Forced To Pay Production Fees For The Survival Show

In March 2019, MLD Entertainment announced to MOMOLAND’s fans that Daisy would not be promoting with the group for the time being due to personal reasons. Notably, the announcement of Daisy’s hiatus came just weeks after it was reported that she was dating iKON‘s Yunhyeong, where MLD Entertainment confirmed the news but YG Entertainment denied it.

Just 2 months later, in May 2019, Daisy expressed her desire to return to the group, but not given a chance then, or for the next 8 months.

I told the agency I thought I [would be able to promote]. They kept telling me, ‘no, we think you’d better just rest.’

— Daisy

She finally requested for the termination for her exclusive contract, but MLD Entertainment demanded ₩1.1 billion KRW ($943,291 USD) in penalty fees.

The agency must prove that they faithfully carried out their duties as an agency, and that the singer unilaterally intended to break the contract. But also, the agency has to prove that the contract was breached.

— Yang Seung Guk, KBS Advisory Council

MLD Entertainment believes it is their right to decide whether or not certain members are active, and that the penalty they demanded from Daisy was announced because Daisy expressed her intentions to leave [the agency] first.


Source: KBS