Dal Shabet’s Subin Reveals Story Of Idol Who Cheated On Girlfriend With Another Idol From Same Group

He was absolutely the worst.

Dal Shabet‘s Subin appeared on the upcoming episode of Dating DNA Laboratory X and revealed the story of an idol who cheated during a secret relationship with another idol.

One of the show’s viewers had confessed her own story, explaining that her boyfriend had cheated on her with her friend while they were both preparing to become celebrities.


After hearing this story, Subin became furious and claimed that those were the worst types of people.

People who date the friends or uhnnis around you are absolutely the worst.

ㅡ Subin


She then shared the story of one of her friends who also happens to be an idol. The friend had revealed that she got a boyfriend and that he was a great person.

One day, (my idol friend) said she got a boyfriend and she was telling me he was such a great guy.

ㅡ Subin


But when her friend revealed her boyfriend to the other members in her group, it turned out that the boyfriend was also dating another member of her group.

She revealed her boyfriend to her members and it turned out that he was the guy another member was dating.

ㅡ Subin


Subin fumed with anger as she told the story but reiterated that it was not her own experience.

Whoever that idol may be, hopefully he learned his lesson!