Dalshabet’s latest video teaser perfectly describes a regular work week

Work days can be a drag, and Dalshabet‘s latest special video teaser has illustrated what we all feel Monday through Thursday.

The teaser, which was published on September 23rd, takes place in a simple setting: the elevator. Accompanied by one or two other male co-workers, the four beautiful ladies of Dalshabet make their way up to their office (or even down from their office) with exhausted looks on their faces as the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ping on top.

Come Thursday, everyone in the elevator immediately brighten up as they rush out with cheers, knowing they are finally free from work for the weekend.

Dalshabet has already shared several teasers over the past few days as they portray both their work self and weekend self for the upcoming 10th mini-album FRI.SAT.SUN. The album will be released on September 29th.