Fans Have Found Dancer NOZE’s Lookalike And It Turns Out To Be A Famous Singer

Sisters, or twins?

The celebrity world is full of lookalikes and it looks like fans have found yet another famous similarity. With dancer Noze on the rise, it’s no wonder that fans have realized she looks like she could be siblings with yet another famous person.

First, let us take a look at one of Noze first ever pictorials. With her name value rising, she worked on 1st Look Korea after the success of Street Woman Fighter.

Then let’s take a look at the pictorial from another magainze, ALLURE. Did you think this was Noze too?

Well, it’s not Noze, but rapper Heize. They look so alike they could be sisters! Both of them have bangs as well.

While maybe they don’t look exactly alike, they both have similar cat-like faces. They could almost be sisters.

Perhaps they looked even more so alike when Noze had blond hair.

Did you spot the similarities between the two? At least there’s one thing that sets the two apart. Noze has a distinctive tattoo on her shoulder of a few stars. That should be enough to help you tell them apart.