Former 2NE1 Member Dara Reveals Her Impression On The SM Entertainment Building To Red Velvet’s Yeri

She went into full tourist mode.

On an episode of Yeri’s Room, Yeri of Red Velvet takes former member 2NE1 member Dara on a tour of the SM Entertainment building.

Yeri first takes Dara on a tour of the merchandise section of the building where she buys gifts for her overseas friends. She even bought some Red Velvet merchandise for herself. Soon Dara’s shopping bag was filled with Red Velvet, Super Junior, EXO, and SuperM merchandise.

While they shopped Yeri asked Dara if YG had anything like a merchandise store to which Dara answered “Well…like…there is but not in our company building. But it’s also not this large.”

Dara stated she would’ve bought more but they ran out of time.

They then made their way to the cafe and album corner. Dara seemed quite impressed by SM Entertainment’s cafe as she continuously said “It’s so amazing” and took pictures of the deserts. Supporting Yeri and her group, Dara bought Red Velvet macaroons from the cafe. She then ran excitedly to the album corner.

Once the two finished the tour, Yeri sat down with Dara and asked her some questions. One question she asked Dara was if she had ever visited the SM building before to which she revealed she hasn’t.

No! this is my first time. As I walked pass this building, I feel like I’m not allowed in… like I’m in enemy base.

— Dara

Yeri then proceeded to ask Dara what her overall impression was of the SM Entertainment building. Dara claimed she was very impressed by everything.

It’s like I’m at the Land of Hopes and Dreams. The merch shop is so nice.

— Dara

The next question Yeri threw at Dara was seeking the biggest difference between the SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment building.

(The overall) color scheme. This place is all pink and bright! And YG is all like…white…or black.

— Dara

Yeri explained that she feels the same as Dara, that she isn’t allowed to go to YG and hopes that Dara will invite her. Fans are looking forward to seeing Dara give a YG Entertainment building tour to Yeri.

Watch the full episode to see Dara’s adorable reaction to the SM Building: