“It Was The Dark Age”: BoA Revealed How Big Hit Music Founder Bang Si Hyuk Helped Her In Her Early Days

He made sure she went home safely.

In a recent interview, BoA revealed the struggles she went through early in her career and how Bang Si Hyuk, the founder of Big Hit Music, helped her during the difficult times.

BoA | @boakwon/Instagram
Bang Si Hyuk with BTS | @hitmanb72/Instagram

For the interview, BoA looked herself up on the internet and shared stories about herself to confirm or deny the things written about her on Namu Wiki. During the segment, she came across a paragraph that said BoA was like a child head-of-the family of a large agency like SM Entertainment.

BoA quickly agreed and then revealed that in her early days as a K-Pop artist under SM, she didn’t have a manager and used to take the bus to recording sessions. It was Bang Si Hyuk who helped her at that time to get a taxi to get back home.

It was the dark age. As I didn’t have my manager, I took a bus on the way to recording. Bang Si Hyuk gave me money for me to take a taxi on my way home.


This unexpected revelation caught many people off-guard, including the staff inside the room with BoA. The internet also quickly picked up the story as this specific segment from the entire interview started to make headlines.

People who have been familiar with Bang Si Hyuk, which is mostly older BTS fans, felt appreciative of his kindness, which was reflected in the way he treated BTS from their trainee days as well.

Some also felt that this random act of kindness fits right into the genre of Bang Si Hyuk’s eccentric personality lore that has made its way out of the industry over the years.

Every story that comes out of the K-Pop industry about Bang Si Hyuk seems to be a renewed confirmation of his genuinely kind and caring personality.