The Date And Location Of Donald Trump And Kim Jong Un’s Meeting Has Been Set

The meeting will take place this summer.

After months of speculation as to where and when North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un and U.S President Donald Trump would hold their summit, the decision has finally been made!

The two first agreed to hold a meeting together in March and since then have been trying to work out the perfect time and place to meet.


While there were talks that the summit would take place in the Demilitarized Zone, President Trump recently ruled that out. Instead, the two leaders will be meeting up in Singapore.

Singapore was considered to be a more neutral place and is still easily accessible to the North Korean leader.


In addition to the decision of the location, the leaders have also selected a date. The meeting will be held on June 12 and will most likely last for one day, although time has been set aside if the meeting goes over.

The summit is likely to last one day, although it could stretch into two days if required.” — Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State


This new historic summit will be the first face-to-face meeting between a sitting U.S president and the North Korean leader.

President Trump at a press conference. Photo by Doug Mills/The New York Times

The breaking news comes just after 3 U.S citizens were released from North Korean labor camps. Their release was intended to be a sign of good faith for the two leaders meeting.


President Trump seemed very excited for the news, tweeting out about the subject.


Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell also reacted favorably to the news.

“I share in the hopes of our entire nation that the June 12th meeting will further our longtime goal of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.”  — Mitch McConnell


North Korea has also spoken positively about the upcoming meeting as reported by the Korean Central News Agency.

“Kim Jong Un said that the coming DPRK-U.S summit would be a historic meeting and an excellent first step towards the promotion of the positive situation development in the Korean peninsula and building a good future.” — Korean Central News Agency


Now that a date and time have officially been set, the world will be waiting to see what the result of this historic summit will be.

Source: The New York Times and NK News