Davichi announces October comeback + reveals 2 teasers!

Davichi announces their October 2016 return, and reveals 2 comeback trailers!

As noted in their teaser image, Davichi plans on returning on October 13th, 2016, with a new mini album! This unparalleled duo’s mini album, titled 50 x HALF , will revolve around conflicting feelings about love. In the teaser image, the duo is seen casually sitting with each other while wearing matching red velvety sweaters; however, Haeri has “HALF” written on her sweater while Minkyung has “50%”, in accordance with the mini album’s title.

Similarly, the two 30-second trailers that were revealed on September 29th are split so each member has her own version. Both girls are wearing similar outfits, though interestingly, in the trailers, one is mentioned to be “Side A” while the other is “Side B.”

Are you excited for their comeback?

Source: Xportsnews