(★BREAKING) Deadly Fire Breaks Out At Hospital In Korea, 31 Dead

It may have been the work of an arson.

Sejong Hospital, located in Miryang, South Korea, caught fire where 31 people tragically lost their lives.

The hospital is located near Busan and primarily cares for the elderly.

The fire’s origins are still unknown but it is believed to have been started in the emergency room in the hospital.

There were roughly 200 patients inside the building, 40 were injured, 11 critically injured, while 31 lost their lives.

The fatalities occurred during the fire while some passed away on the ambulance en route to the hospital after being rescued.

Since the patients were elderly, most patients had difficulty moving without the assistance of someone else. Due to this handicap, many could not escape the fire in time.

This is the second major fire in South Korea since the bathhouse fire that occurred in December.

Officials will investigate the true cause of the fire and announce it when their investigation is fully complete. Until now, authorities can’t say if this was an accident or an act of arson.

Source: Asia News Agency