Famous Dessert Bar Names Their New Dish After BTS V’s Iconic Phrase, “I Purple You”

Priced at $15 AUD per pop.

A famous dessert bar in Australia, known for creating utterly divine confections, has named their latest creation after BTS‘s V. More specifically, they’ve named it Borahae after his famous phrase, “I Purple You”.

KOI Dessert Bar announced the new dish this week, even going as far to share the origin behind the phrase. For those not in the know, borahae is V’s special way of saying he will always be there for ARMYs. Purple is the last color of the rainbow, and it also means to love someone for a long time. Literally translated, borahae means “I Purple You”.

The phrase means a lot to ARMYs as it is their special way of expressing their deep love for the band, much as it is BTS’s way to convey their reciprocation. The dish is made out of earl grey sponge cake, cassis, umeshu (plum) and yuzu, coated in a deep violet.

ARMYs have been expressing their support for the dish with purple hearts in the comments section. Although it has only been a few days since its launch, many ARMYs have already tried the dish. They’ve been leaving supportive reviews of their visit.

The dessert bar may be pricey, with Borahae going for $15 AUD ($10.67 USD) for a small cake, but the detail that goes into each dessert makes it worth the buck! Will you be trying out Borahae?