DIA Jung Chaeyeon’s Visuals At The 2019 K-WORLD FESTA Will Be The Most Angelic Thing You See All Day

People can’t get over how beautiful she is!

DIA‘s Jung Chaeyeon appeared at 2019 K-WORLD FESTA, where she attended the red carpet and performed for the event with her fellow members.


She was dressed in a cropped white tank top with floral designs and an adorable sky blue dress that matched perfectly with her simple white heels!


She posed a variety of gestures from the DIA sign, a “fighting!” pose, and the cutest shy smile that you’d ever see!


She then reappeared later at the actual festival where she performed with the group!


And her visuals once again stole the spotlight as she shined brighter on stage!


Netizens couldn’t get enough of Chaeyeon’s visuals that day as she looked like a goddess come to life!


Her stunning body figure that she maintains through strict diet and exercise made her flow gracefully on stage!


And netizens and fans alike swarmed the comments sections to praise her beauty!


Jung Chaeyeon never fails in stealing our breath away with her undeniable beauty!

Source: Sports Today