Former BLANC7’s Shinwoo Reveals The Differences Between Male & Female Idols’ Lives: Bullying, Dieting & More

Apparently, walking around naked in the dorms is one thing both male and female idols have in common. 😲

Boy groups and girl groups may all be part of the K-Pop industry, but there’s no doubt that they have a lot of differences. In a new Q&A video with Crayon Pop‘s Way on her YouTube channel, WayLand, soloist and former BLANC7 leader Shinwoo shared some of those differences—and similarities.

1. Makeup

Shinwoo says that when it comes to makeup for music shows, male and female idols start with the same base. Since the lighting is strong, Shinwoo revealed male idols tend to use as much foundation and eyeshadow as female stars. On top of that, he explained that male idols also contour their faces to make their jaws appear narrower. However, unlike female idols, Shinwoo says male idols don’t usually wear mascara.

| 웨이랜드WayLand/YouTube

2. Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, Shinwoo admitted that boy groups don’t have as many restrictions as girl groups. According to the former leader, since boy group idols have “pretty intense” choreography with more acrobatics and breakdancing, they tend to lose weight through everyday idol activities. Of course, Shinwoo added, boy groups are made to control their diets if they do gain weight; the soloist recalled a time when he could eat nothing but 12 almonds.

| 웨이랜드WayLand/YouTube

3. Dorms

While Shinwoo says he’s never entered a girl group’s dorm before, boy group idol dorms are “almost like military service.” Elaborating, he said that after schedules, male idols tend to come home, strip down, and shower. One similarity, however, is that Shinwoo and Way shockingly revealed that both male and female idols walk around their dorms naked.

| 웨이랜드WayLand/YouTube

4. Bullying

One fan wanted to know whether it’s true that boy group stars have less bullying incidents than female idols, and judging by Shinwoo’s response, that seems to be the case. Unlike Way, who has witnessed girl group bullying before, Shinwoo says he’s only ever heard about boy group bullies from others. However, he divulged that there is often jealousy between members of boy groups, which leads to subtle tensions.

| 웨이랜드WayLand/YouTube
Source: Image and 웨이랜드WayLand