DinDin Reveals How Song Joong Ki Was Like In The Military And How He Treated Other Soldiers

This is Song Joong Ki’s true personality.

Rapper DinDin recently appeared on a radio show where he discussed his time training in the military with actor Song Joong Ki.

He pointed out that he never would have been able to meet Song Joong Ki if it wasn’t their fateful encounter in the military.

I met someone during my military training – someone who I never would have been able to see before.

I met Song Joong Ki.

— DinDin


Although DinDin and Song Joong Ki weren’t acquaintances, Song Joong Ki treated him and all of the other soldiers warmly from their very first encounter! DinDin boasted, “He was amazing. He was warm and welcoming to me.


His kind personality made DinDin want to repay Song Joong Ki’s friendliness. He explained, “I took care of Song Joong Ki like I was his manager in the military.


Song Joong Ki and DinDin’s encounter happened before the former’s mega-hit drama, Descendants of the Sun. But even after gaining massive fame, Song Joong Ki’s been praised for his thoughtful and considerate personality!


As expected, Song Joong Ki never fails to leave everyone in his wake impressed and inspired by his true personality!

Source: Newsen