Dispatch Accused Of Starting A Witch Hunt Against WINNER’s Song Mino

Netizens are calling for the media to just leave Mino alone.

Dispatch recently published an article highlighting the fact that WINNER’s Mino is following Instagram account @prettypuke, run by photographer Miller Rodriguez.

They pointed out the shocking and potentially pedophiliac, pornographic content of the Instagram page.


Dispatch claimed that the website of the photographer is blocked in Korea. This would mean that Mino had used a VPN to follow and “support” the content of Pretty Puke.

Korean fans were quick to prove that the website is not blocked in Korea, seen by Korean telecommunications company SK Telecom logo in the top left corner.


Fans have pointed out that Mino followed this account in 2015, when they worked with other YG artists like CL.

Furthermore, the type of content Pretty Puke as posted when Mino followed them was much different from their current posts.


Along with the criticism for following Pretty Puke, Mino’s lyrics in “Turn Off The Light” were also brought to light.

The full song is in fact about a man who wants to engage in sexual relations with his girlfriend, but she’s still very innocent so he is forcing himself to just fall asleep beside her.

“The word in question is 소녀 which roughly translated to a woman who is small in stature. It is used roughly the same way we use “baby” and “baby girl” in Western society.” — @jinwu_ 


Before going private, Pretty Puke posted an apology to Mino for the situation.


While this was going on in South Korea, WINNER was in Vietnam for an event. It seems as soon as he arrived home, Mino unfollowed everyone on Instagram as well.


Another article about the incident with Mino, Pretty Puke, and Dispatch had netizens calling for the media to just leave Mino alone and stop making a huge mess out of a non-issue.

  • “It’s not like he personally uploaded them himself. Please look at the entire situation and write an article… Or did you have to publish something that unconditionally tied him to them? [Mino] must be so tired of this too.”
  • “The relevant artist will be requesting data from the journalist and rumour-mongering online community sites. Yes, YG is in the midst of suing you! Work hard.”
  • “It’s so obvious, it was revealed Mino’s featuring [on Seungri’s new album] and exactly the next day hahaha after searching and searching this is what you found? Hahahaha but it’s a famous photographer that YG worked with before.. No but, other celebrities follow them and they even had an exhibition in Seoul. You really used the haters’ manipulations and wrote an article out of it?”
  • “Just stop, how can a journalist cause a controversy? Just let WINNER go. They’re all kind and hard-working kids, don’t do this” 


Very recently, Dispatch released several investigative pieces about G-Dragon receiving special treatment while he was hospitalized for his ankle injury.

Both YG Entertainment and the Ministry of National Defense denied this, while Yang Hyun Suk uploaded then deleted a supposed waning towards Dispatch.

“The hunting method of a lion is a skilled game of waiting for the right opportunity. They may seem to be lying low on the exterior but they are silently on edge while their heart beats loudly.”

— Yang Hyun Suk’s Instagram Post


YG Entertainment has yet to comment on Mino’s situation.

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