Dispatch Released Wonho’s Photoshoot For His Upcoming Mini-Album, And The Thirst Is Real

His muscles are no joke.

Wonho recently released his first song as a solo artist, “Losing You”, on August 13. The former MONSTA X member, however, has more prepared for his fandom — WENEE — in the upcoming week! In preparation for the soon-to-be-released music, Dispatch has revealed some alluring teaser images that have fans swooning.

The teaser for the title off of his upcoming debut mini-album, “Open Mind”, will be released on August 30.

The album, titled Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right For Me, will also have a highlight preview released on September 1.

Finally, the album and music video for “Open Mind” will come out on September 4, just a week away!

The teaser images beautifully show off Wonho’s incredibly buff, sculpted figure, which pairs well with the simple but elegant beach aesthetic. His clothing, also simple and pure in the all white and beige themes, allow his figure to take front and center in the photoshoot.

It’s clear that Wonho has been working hard, both physically and musically, on this comeback, and it’s exciting to see what this solo artist has in store for fans!