Dispatch reveals cost of services at brothel frequented by Yoochun

Although authorities are still investigating JYJ member Yoochun‘s sexual assault cases after he was accused of rape by four different women, Korean media outlets recently revealed more information regarding Yoochun’s activities. 

While his agency C-JeS Entertainment has publicly denied that he had any involvement in the sexual assault of any of the four women, however, media outlet Dispatch revealed that he did in fact frequent the type of adult entertainment establishments in which the first victim had claimed he had raped her in. In fact, Dispatch even released several photos of Yoochun entering and exiting the same room salon on multiple locations.

After discovering the establishment, media reports were able to uncover more details on what type of customers the place attracts and how much their services cost, which they later revealed to the public. According to a report by Korean media outlet My Daily, drinks at Yoochun’s favorite establishment in Gangnam cost from about 500,000 won to 1 million won (~$425 USD to $851 USD) per person, and that it’s mainly frequented by high officials in the financial industry and celebrities. Outraged by the sheer frivolity of the way customers of such an establishment spends money, many fans criticized Yoochun for frequenting the place, regardless of whether or not he is guilty or innocent of sexual assault.


Source: My Daily