Dohee “lost interest in singing” and rumored leave from Tiny-G

It was reported that Dohee has official left Tiny-G due to a loss of interest in singing and lack of participation in group activities.

An music industry source stated, “After her [Dohee] debut as an actress, a career as a singer has left her mind completely. Recently, she refused to continue her participation in group activities. Tiny-G seemed to become an obligation than something she wanted.”

Another music official confirmed Dohee’s departure saying, “She has been distancing herself from the other members of Tiny-G. Things began to change after she received a great deal of attention as an actress rather than a singer.”

Tiny-G has released four single albums since their debut in 2012. Their name Tiny-G stands for “Tiny Giant” as the group had an average height of 5 feet; though they are small, they have giant potential. In June 2014, Kim Myung Ji announced her departure from the quartet to focus on her acting career.

In October 2013, Dohee debuted as an actress in tvN‘s hit sequel Reply 1994 where she won over hearts as a student with a thick Jeolla accent and a sailor’s mouth. Netizens were also quick to note the 14 year difference between the rookie actress and her character’s love interest played by Kim Sung Kyun. Her performance earned her Best New Actress at the 2014 Korea Drama Awards last January.

Seven months following her acting success, Tiny-G made a comeback as a trio with “Ice Ice Baby.” However, as Dohee began to concentrate more on her acting career, starring in Boarding House on 24th Street and the remake drama Cantabile Tomorrow, Tiny-G’s remaining Thai members, J-Min and Mint, formed a sub-unit as Tiny-G M and promoted their track “The Only One” in Thailand. At the time, Dohee was complimented by netizens for supporting her group’s unit by making a cameo appearance in the music video.

Music industry representatives have brought up a controversial issue with her departure from the group saying, “If Dohee continues her acting career as a member of Tiny-G, it is likely that the group could gain more popularity with her participation as a part Tiny-G.” However, the issue lies in that, “Although idols are known to leave groups for their acting career, Dohee only debuted two and a half years ago.”

Other instances of idols leaving their debut groups to focus on acting include the most recent case of Lee Joon‘s departure from MBLAQ. However, Lee Joon debuted seven years ago and his contract with the company had come to an end when he left the group.

Dohee’s departure is a sensitive issue and makes other’s bitter since she left the group to pursue her own solo activities while her contract with the agency (as a member of Tiny-G) has not yet expired.

Source: Isplus