K-Drama “Penthouse” Actress Choi Ye Bin Accused Of Bullying … Agency Firmly Denies Claims

Her agency denied the claims.

Drama Penthouse actress Choi Ye Bin has been accused of bullying. She currently stars in the successful drama as character Ha Eunbyeol, daughter of Cheon Seojin and Ha Yoonchul. On March 1, 2021 KST, an online community post accused the young star of bullying in her middle school years. The OP included a photo of her graduation album, student pass, transcripts and messages shared with her middle school friends.

| Nate Pann via theqoo

In the post, OP explained they met in the first year of middle school where Choi Ye Bin approached her first after transferring over to their school. Choi Ye Bin allegedly asked to be friends with the OP, saying her personality looked good. OP claims, “I thought you were a kind and innocent friend so I introduced you to all my close friends. But then, you colluded with my best friend and made me an outcast.

She continued that the best friend was someone who was picked on in elementary school. However, she continued to stand by the friend despite being bullied too due to it. OP questions just what Choi Ye Bin allegedly said to the friend to make her turn coats in just a day.

| Herald Pop

OP accused the star of whispering “Die, you bitch” in her ear while she was at the water fountain, and consistently cursing her out as well. Later on, OP claims Choi Ye Bin suddenly apologized in their last year of middle school, although OP has suspicions that Choi Ye Bin was forced to do so.

Choi Ye Bin’s agency J Wide Company has officially denied the claim. They stated to media that the posts were not true, and that they checked with several people around Choi Ye Bin in order to verify the truth. All her acquaintances agreed that the claims were false. The agency promised strong legal action against such malicious posts.

Source: Herald Pop, theqoo and Yeonhap