Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon Reveals A Chilling Story From The Time They Filmed Their “Good Night” MV At A Graveyard

They shared a scary story that they remember till today!

Dreamcatcher is known for their intricately detailed horror concepts, and they recently shared a story about a chilling moment that was a little too in tune with their concept!

Dreamcatcher | @hf_dreamcatcher/Twitter

Dreamcatcher recently guested on SBS‘s Official Request, where they delved into a horror-themed episode with the host, Cho Jung Shik!

While they talked about their concept, as per the show’s theme, they went along with Dramcatcher’s request, which was to be braver to be able to carry out more intense themes! To do that, Cho Jung Shik first asked them,

Did anything scary happen while working?

—Cho Jung Shik

Gahyeon was the first to speak up, and talked about their 2017 release, “Good Night”. “Good Night” was the title track of their second single album titled Fall Asleep In The Mirror, and continued the horror theme of their previous album, Nightmare.

Dreamcatcher in their “Fall Asleep In The Mirror” teaser photos | Dreamcatcher Company

She began the story, by revealing that part of the filming for the “Good Night” MV had been at a graveyard.

In the past, when we were filming our “Good Night” MV, at the graveyard…


After giving a top-notch reaction to Gahyeon’s start to the story and bringing laughter to the studio, Siyeon took over, and revealed that for one of the scenes, she and Yoohyeon had to run in the forest together, all the way to the graveyard.

Yoohyeon and I…in the scene, we were running around in the woods. We had to run to the graveyard while holding hands.


The filming crew was all ready, and they all filmed for a good twenty minutes…or at least, they thought they’d been filming for those twenty minutes. Sihyeon revealed that after filming that scene, they all went to check the footage to monitor and review it, when they found the camera completely empty of any recording.

After we filmed for about twenty minutes, we decided to check it. But there was nothing recorded. So we had to take it all over again.


The members of Dreamcatcher may have a horror concept, but that was scary enough to stay with them, all this time later!

You can watch them talk about it here!