Here’s What The Duality Of Cherry Bullet’s “Cherry Wish” Teasers Might Mean

Fans have already started analyzing!

Fans of Cherry Bullet have been eagerly waiting for a comeback from the talented group since three of the group’s members, Bora, Jiwon, and May, had all competed on the popular survival show Girls Planet 999.

Bora, Jiwon, and May’s ability to use the show as a platform to showcase their talents, especially Bora’s incredible vocals, gained the group a lot of new fans.

Cherry Bullet’s Bora on Girls Planet 999
Cherry Bullet’s Jiwon on Girls Planet 999
Cherry Bullet’s May on Girls Planet 999

And finally, the group will be able to capitalize on the momentum they gained during Girls Planet 999 and are having their first comeback since Cherry Rush was released in late January of 2021.

Cherry Wish, their upcoming comeback, will be released on March 2nd, 2022.

And already, the group has released two concept photos to give fans a hint of what’s to come.

One photo is a bright concept, which is what fans might usually associate with Cherry Bullet’s image.

The members are in pastel dresses and surrounded by fairies in what seems like a fantastical world.

| @cherrybullet/Twitter

The other photo hints at a side to Cherry Bullet that they have not shown often before, something more mature and elegant.

The members are all dressed in black and white, posing in front of what appears to be shadows of cats.

| @cherrybullet/Twitter

And although fans only have the album name Cherry Wish and the two concept photos, they have already started theorizing about what may be coming.

Some fans noticed that the number of butterflies equals the number of members.

Fans also seem to agree that the title of “wish” coincides with both the butterfly and cat imagery as gifting both butterflies and cats can represent wishing someone a long, healthy life.

Alternatively, butterflies and cats can symbolize rebirth, which fans wonder if that could possibly mean Cherry Bullet will try a new concept or storyline.

Or, contrastingly, some fans believe that Cherry Wish will be a continuation of Cherry Rush as the fonts and album styles are similar.

One fan suggested that the cat imagery reminds them of Cherry Bullet’s sunbaes (seniors in the industry) AOA‘s popular song, “Like A Cat.” Hoping that it means this will be a successful release for Cherry Bullet.

And, outside of simply anticipating the possible concept of the comeback, fans are also hoping that the two concept photos mean that there will be two versions of the album, which Cherry Bullet has not had before.

But fans certainly don’t need to become detectives to know that the members look absolutely stunning and Cherry Wish will be a comeback to look forward to.