EDAM Entertainment Is Searching For Their Next IU For The First Time Since Establishment

They’re looking for artists just like IU.

IU‘s agency, EDAM Entertainment took to social media to announce that they’re searching for their next IU through their first audition since establishment.

In the shared notice, EDAM Entertainment expressed their desire to find an artist with well-rounded talents.

EDAM Entertainment, which is ahead of the times and flips predictable thoughts upside down, is waiting for an artist with well-rounded talents. We ask that many people register.

— EDAM Entertainment

They are accepting applications from both singers and actors, and there’s no restriction in terms of nationality, sex, age, or education.

The applications can be submitted via email, and those who pass the first round of document screening will proceed into an offline audition process.

Last January, IU signed an exclusive contract with EDAM Entertainment.

EDAM Entertainment was founded by the CEO who was by IU’s side since her debut, and this is the first time the agency has held an audition to select trainees.

Source: Dispatch