ENHYPEN Concert-Goers Disobey The Members, Mobbing Them As They Walk Around The Venue

Concert-goers were asked to stay in their seats.

ENHYPEN are currently on their 2023 WORLD TOUR ‘FATE.’ Recently, they performed in Los Angeles.

During the show, the ENHYPEN members performed their hit song “Polaroid Love,” and they left the stage to go on the floor and walk around the venue. Knowing a crowd of concert-goers was on the floor, they asked them to stay seated.

Yet, a crowd rushed towards the members when they went on the floor, totally disregarding ENHYPEN’s request. A clip of the group being mobbed went viral with 517.4K views at the time of writing.


This is why we cant have nice things in the states. If Enhypen ask you to stay in your seat. You stay in your seat 😭 #enhypen #enhypenla #enhypenedit #enhypenengene #engene

♬ original sound – Dalia Rodriguez

ENGENEs described it as “scary” to witness. They were disappointed that so many disregarded and disobeyed ENHYPEN’s request.

So, they’re hoping that future concerts won’t be like this.

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