ENHYPEN Reveals How “BORDER : CARNIVAL” Is Their Most Honest Music Yet

“It connects to our previous album.”

ENHYPEN recently spoke with SEVENTEEN about their latest release, BORDER : CARNIVAL. Check out how the boys discuss the inspiration for the concept and how it’s their most honest music to date.

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

Heeseung revealed that this latest mini-album precisely captures their hectic feelings after debut.

Q: This is being called your most honest piece of work yet. Why is that and what made you want to be so vulnerable?

Since our debut EP BORDER: DAY ONE, we’ve been telling our own story through our music. BORDER : CARNIVAL is no different. It can be considered our most honest album because it directly reflects the genuine emotions we experienced after our debut. We thought that expressing our feelings of confusion and excitement that we felt as we faced a new world was our way of communicating with the audience.

— Heeseung

Jay describes how these chaotic emotions were channeled into each of the visual concepts for the mini-album.

Q: You decided to go with three different visual concepts: “UP”, “HYPE”, and “DOWN”. What is the significance behind it and how are we going to see them throughout the mini-album?

As this album captures our sincerest emotions, “UP”, “HYPE”, and “DOWN” are keywords that visualize the changes in the way we felt after stepping foot into a carnival-like world. “UP” expresses the excitement of being invited to a carnival for the first time, “HYPE” illustrates the process of putting confusion behind us to let go and enjoy the party in our own ways, and “DOWN” portrays the confusion of discovering a place where everything seems upside down.

— Jay

Sunoo described how they are still growing and evolving and will continue to experiment with new musical styles to show their various charms.

Q: There’s been a fun mix of genres in your albums so far. What makes you want to be experimental and how has it helped you grow as artists?

Although the musical direction of every artist is different, I think experimenting with a variety of concepts and genres is a way to showcase the unique charms of ENHYPEN. I think we’re growing one step further as artists as we carefully consider how we can continue to tell our story in new and creative ways.

— Sunoo

Jake revealed the connection their new music has to their previous album.

Q: We heard a bit of what would be this mini-album in “Outro: Cross the Line” from your previous mini-album BORDER: DAY ONE and it’s tied into your new intro. What is it like bridging the two?

There is a connection between the outro of BORDER: DAY ONE and the intro of BORDER : CARNIVAL, and that link completes the ‘BORDER’ series. “Outro: Cross The Line” heightened the excitement for the next album and “Intro: The Invitation” allowed us to invite our fans into our new world, so we thought this composition was a perfect fit for the series. Also, I think the outro/intro composition is something unique to ENHYPEN’s albums which our fans can look forward to and enjoy.

— Jake

Additionally, the boys revealed they are always thankful for fans’ support and “will keep working hard until the day they meet in person.”

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter