Entertainment company sued by hair salons for refusing to pay massive debts

Several hair salons are suing an entertainment company whose idols who have built up a 19.32 million won (~$17,700) debt for services.

According to reports, seven idols from the same agency have asked for services from the hair salons on credit without the intention of paying off their debts.

In response to the accusations that they do not mean to pay off their debts, the agency responded that their intention is not to avoid paying. The agency continued by explaining that with over 1,000 trainees belonging to around 350 different agencies, the chances of a trainee debuting is only about 30%, and the chance that an agency will be profiting from their initial investment in the trainee is about 5%. In short, the agency believes that they cannot afford to pay for the services, as it would be putting them into more debt.

In response to the situation, netizens have criticized both the idols and the company, leaving comments of disapproval and criticism.

1. [+1,702, -14] Why should hair salons be responsible for the agencies being unable to pay for the investment of their idols?

2. [+1,184, -16] The industry is full of thugs

3. [+1,036, -16] Don’t ask for services you can’t pay for… are you beggars?

[Note: Photo above is not one of the salons mentioned]

Source: Donga Ilbo