Entire Airplanes Are Turning Into BTS Listening Parties As ARMYs Fly To Los Angeles For “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Concerts

Los Angeles is about to become a purple ocean 💜

ARMYs are having the time of their lives flying to Los Angeles for BTS’s upcoming concerts!

BTS | @AMAs/Twitter

Airports all over the United States are filled with ARMYs who were lucky enough to score tickets to the 4 PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts, which are BTS’s first concerts since the pandemic began. BTS’s live shows never disappoint, so these ARMYs are understandably very excited!

| @rahmdess27/Twitter

With so many ARMYs in the same airports and on the same flights, there’s sure to be tons of excitement in the air! Apparently, the pilots of the airplanes ARMYs are taking to Los Angeles can feel the excitement, too.

| @OasisFormPriori/Twitter

Quite a few pilots have played BTS’s songs over the airplanes’ speakers and talked to ARMYs over the intercom about the upcoming concert. Some ARMYs said their plane played “Save Me” right before takeoff.

Other ARMYs jammed to “Butter” before their plane took off.

Other ARMYs heard “Dynamite” on their flight.

Looks like the air is full of happy ARMYs! We hope you all have a safe trip to Los Angeles and enjoy the concerts!