Epik High’s Tablo Reveals The Hilarious Reason Why DJ Tukutz Appeared On “King Of Mask Singer”

No one is as #extra as DJ Tukutz 😂

DJ Tukutz went to extreme lengths to speed up Epik High‘s next album!

In a recent episode of King Of Mask Singer, DJ Tukutz sang g.o.d‘s “An Ordinary Day,” charming the audience with his voice. He may be known as one of the best hip-hop producer in the Korean hip hop scene, but it turns out he’s been hiding some excellent vocals!

Nobody could have guessed that he was the person behind the mask. In fact, his former labelmates, WINNER‘s Yoon and 2NE1‘s Dara and Minzy, didn’t recognize him at all!

They were understandably shocked and excited when he removed his mask.

Hilariously, his goal for guesting on the show was to remind Tablo that they needed to work on their next album, Epik High Is Here Pt. 2.


After the episode aired, Tablo shared his reaction on Twitter where he described just how #extra DJ Tukutz was. He explained how DJ Tukutz could have simply texted him instead of expending all that effort.

This dude literally dressed up as a bear, went on one of the most popular TV shows, and sang a song just to tell me we need to hurry up and work on Epik High Is Here Pt. 2 instead of just texting me like a sane person wtf.

— Tablo

Watch DJ Tukutz’s epic reveal in the full clip below!

Source: Twitter