Eric Nam and Henry featured on CTV’s “Morning Live”

The latest broadcast of CTV‘s Morning Live featured K-pop idols Eric Nam and Super Junior-M‘s Henry in their morning segment about the Hallyu wave.

Lois Lee was able to meet up with the two multi-talented idols for their latest interview about the industry. Eric Nam talked about his journey into the K-pop music industry starting from the audition that gave him the opportunity to work in a career with music. He explained that this chance did not exist for him back in the United States: “I think the reason for that is because Asian-Americans are so underrepresented in mass media…unfortunately so.” The idol also talked about how he never thought that he would end up back in Korea, but is happy because he is able to learn about his family’s culture.

Although K-pop has a fair share of Korean-Americans, the segment also mentioned that not all stars are of Korean descent. Henry, who is Chinese-Canadian, talked about his musical talents and previous plans of attending university to study classical music. However, things changed after a friend of his told him about auditions that were being held in Toronto. When asked if he knew anything about K-pop and the Korean language he answered honestly that he barely knew anything before coming to Korea. After his arrival, Henry was able to meet some friends and overcame the language and cultural differences.

The two expressed their hopes for the future as Henry shared he wants to continue making music for his fans while Eric wants to someday bring his musical career to America.

Check out the video here!