Here’s How GOT7’s Jay B Put His Creativity To Work While Naming His Solo EP

He’s so creative!

GOT7‘s Jay B recently released his solo EP, SOMO:FUME and Ahgases are loving it!

GOT7’s Jay B |

In a recent interview with ESQUIRE Korea, Jay B revealed how he came up with the name for his EP.

| ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube 

He was asked to tell the “story behind” his album’s title.

Jay B explained that SOMO:FUME is the first album he’s released through his new label, H1GHR MUSIC, and that he wanted fans to actually consume the album and listen to it in its entirety.

Jay B decided to make his album’s name a play on the Korean word for consumable, somopum, because he felt that naming it somopum was “too normal,” so he drew on his creativity to find a way to make the name more unique.

Then, he further explained that he decided on the name SOMO:FUME because he wanted the album to be with his fans like a delicate perfume! “I wanted to write as SOMO:FUME hoping that this album can be with you like a delicate perfume. That’s why I named it like this,” he said.

Looks like Jay B put a lot of thought into choosing the perfect name for his album, and Ahgases will definitely be happily consuming it for a long time!

See Jay B’s full interview with ESQUIRE KOREA below.