GOT7’s Jay B Wants Ahgases To Listen To His Solo EP In Its Entirety From Beginning To End, And Here’s Why

His reason makes perfect sense!

GOT7‘s Jay B recently released his solo EP, SOMO:FUME, and it’s a true masterpiece!

GOT7’s Jay B |

Like any other masterpiece, SOMO:FUME deserves to be consumed in its entirety, so fans can get the full effect of its power.

| @h1ghrmusic/Instagram

In a recent interview with ESQUIRE Korea, Jay B revealed that he wants fans to listen to SOMO:FUME all the way through.

| ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube

During the interview, Jay B was asked “what’s the one track from this album you would like to recommend to people who haven’t listened to JAY B’s music?” 

Jay B answered, “I want them to listen to the whole album” with an adorable smile.

He said that each track is good, but the album is much “more precious and meaningful” when it’s listened to as a whole.

“Each track is important, but as an album it gets more precious and meaningful.” | ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube

Additionally, each of SOMO:FUME‘s tracks lead into the next and complement each other. “For the track list as well, I put a lot of effort in the sequence very much,” Jay B said.

Then, Jay B told fans, “I hope you can listen to the whole album one by one.” 

Clearly, Jay B carefully selected the tracklist for this album and wants fans to enjoy his album in its entirety!

See Jay B’s full interview below.