Esquire Korea Chooses Jay Park And GOT7’s Jay B To Start Off The New Year

We would have to give these covers a 10/10. 🔥

As more and more publications reveal their January issues for this upcoming year, we’re getting lots of visuals as they fill their covers and pages with stunning photoshoots with some of our favorite K-Pop idols and celebrities.

| Vogue Kr, GQ Kr

We saw BTS grace the covers of Vogue Korea and GQ Korea in Louis Vuitton and even TWICE‘s Sana looking pretty in Prada for Cosmopolitan Korea. Now it looks like Esquire Korea has released images for their January issue and we are not disappointed with who they chose as their models.

None other than Jay Park and GOT7‘S Jay B!

The pair are sizzling in their fits as they give off powerful poses donning OMEGA watches.

| @esquire.korea/Instagram

Jay Park living up to his powerful CEO image.

| @esquire.korea/Instagram

And the direct contrast of his comfy sweater with his tattoos make this image all the more alluring.

| @esquire.korea/Instagram

Jay B’s photos are softened by the colorful backdrop, but the stark contrast of his black leather fit makes him look oh so sexy!

| @esquire.korea/Instagram

You know people spend hours at the salon to achieve hair that perfectly curls to the side like that??

Esquire Korea’s official Instagram page posted a story of the two hyping up readers for their January issue.

Meet #Jaypark and #JayB’s interview and photographs at Esquire Magazine’s January 2022 issue

—Esquire Korea, Instagram

We can’t wait for the interviews and more pictures to come!