European ARMY Request More Options From Weverse Shop Due To Overpriced Shipping Fees

They’re hoping for a European Weverse Shop.

European ARMYs (BTS fans) are expressing dissatisfaction with HYBE over Weverse Shop.

Weverse shop is the online store for HYBE artists’ merchandise. It includes various products from Season’s Greetings to collaboration merch and more.

Naturally, K-Pop fans would like to support their favorite artists by purchasing the official merchandise made available by their company. And since Weverse Shop sells some exclusive merchandise. So, if you want certain items, sometimes the only place you can find and buy them is from Weverse Shop.

However, the products’ costs are often expensive compared to other merchandise options, such as BTS’s collaboration with LINE FRIENDS, BT21. Not only that, but the additional fees, such as Weverse’s shipping costs, are unlike any other retailer.

| @slave4jungkook/Twitter

Recently, the BTS members released their “Artist-Made Collection.” Each member designed at least two unique pieces. ARMYs were excited to purchase these items, and they have been selling out immediately, so much so that Weverse Shop has been restocking the pre-sale.

Still, the cost of items caused many to refrain from purchasing. Even Jin himself was surprised by the cost of his self-designed pajamas.

I did ask them to use a nice material for the pajamas. But what kind of price… I got surprised too.

— Jin

| Weverse

So, while we’re already spending quite a lot on the items themselves, there’s the shipping cost to incorporate too. You can expect to pay at least $30 USD for even the cheapest items.

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And, the grand total only goes up more with the cost of the items being purchased when you’re located in European countries as it typically ships from South Korea. So, if you buy an $82 USD hoodie, you can expect your shipping fee to match the price, resulting in a grand total of about $165 USD.

| Weverse via @EmmaHuan_/Twitter

Due to these outrageous prices, European shoppers feel they cannot make purchases. It feels difficult to justify a purchase when the shipping sometimes costs so much more than the merchandise itself.

European ARMYs are pointing out the many difficulties they face when trying to purchase BTS’s merchandise from Weverse Shop. Not only are the shipping fees unbelievable, but most have to wake up in the middle of the night in order to successfully purchase items as they go on sale and sell out quickly.

Currently, there are only a few Weverse Shop options. This includes Japan, the USA, and Global.

| Weverse

So, European ARMYs are requesting that there be more options made available for international shoppers. They suggest that there be a European Weverse shop.

Many are attempting to contact the company directly, voicing their frustrations while also inspiring others to make their voice heard. They hope that together it will inspire HYBE to make changes.

| @BlueEtGray/Twitter

| @BlueEtGray/Twitter

Since January 25, European ARMYs have also been trending “#EuropeanARMYwantEuropeanShop” on Twitter.

With more accessibility for international fans, there will also be more sales for the company. So, it’s in everyone’s best interest.

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