A Part Time Worker Was Caught Illegal Filming Others In The Female Bathroom Of South Korean Theme Park, Everland

This is not the first time it has happened.

South Korean media reported that a crime involving hidden cameras was committed in the female bathrooms of the South Korean theme park, Everland. Everland is one of South Korea’s most famous theme parks, which is visited by thousands of people daily.

A sharp-eyed park-goer recently visited the park to ride the sled attraction during the snowy season. When she stopped by a nearby bathroom, she coincidentally looked up to find a cellphone positioned between the ceiling and the cubicle wall. The cellphone then suddenly disappeared into the next cubicle.

Sledding in Everland. | MBC

I looked at the ceiling and caught it. The handphone disappeared like that. I had momentarily wondered why it was there and thought that it was an illegal filming.

— Victim

She soon chased after the culprit and spotted a man near the sinks. He had his hoodie down low and was pretending to be a female park-goer. However, she caught view of his reflection in the mirror and realized he was a man. She bravely caught him and confronted him about the crime.

The reflection in the mirror at the sinks showed a man. So I grabbed him and said, ‘You took my photo right?’ There were some people in the male bathroom. I screamed for them to help and that this person had filmed illegally. I asked an ahjussi (older man) washing his hands to catch the man.

— Victim

The culprit had shaken the victim off and escaped to the male bathroom that was located right opposite of the female bathroom. The victim followed him into the bathroom and eventually got help from other park-goers.

How the man had taken the illegal footage above the cubicle. | MBC

The culprit was soon identified as a part-time worker at the theme park. The back entrances to the bathrooms were currently blocked off due to social distancing measures and were only accessible by the park staff. The culprit had used the back door to enter the women’s bathroom without detection.

This wasn’t the only recent case of illegal filming at the park. The incident occurred on January 15, 2022, but a similar incident had also occurred on January 11. However, the theme park did not take any action nor further educate its employees against such crimes. Everland only began to block the empty space between the cubicles and completely blocked off the back door entrance after the matter blew up in the media and police investigations began.

The police are currently further investigating the two incidents.

Source: MBCNews